Rajasthan all Govt and private polytechnic colleges ADMISSION for session 2012-13 for diploma engineering online application form invited
online application form and option form filling necessarily flowing point
start ;online application; 25-06-2012
1.name of insitute right and name of branch for option form.
2.passport size photo sken up load 50kb file for formate
3.singnaturer black pen sken upload 30kb file
4.secondary certificate name,dob,father name,mother as record
5.near nodal center for polytechnic colleges.
marks for grade point and cgpa right roll number marks for change for GP 8 maximum marks 10,CGPA 7.8 MAXIMUM marks 100

fees; 300 rupees chalan for icici ltd bank print out for online application form.

flowing document attach for hard copy ;

1.application form one copy.
2.bank chalan one copy
3.option form one copy
4. DOB Certificate for secondary one copy
5.domicile certificate one copy

LAST DATE; 9 -7 -2012 FOR option form.
last date for jodhpur for hard copy ;16-7-2012

post for application hard copy; SANYOJAK,CENTR

online fill in application below website;

help line no. 0291-2630016,17,2649439.


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